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Production, development and design of new collections are all executed in Italy. 

2.2 million square metres of tiles are produced every year in the two production sites in Cerrione (Biella) and Oderzo (Treviso).

Vittuone, Milano
- Headquarters Gruppo Bardelli S.p.A.

Company registered offices

Vittuone, Via G.Pascoli 19, 20009, Vittuone (MI)

Vergnasco, Biella

- Production Plant:  Ceramica Vogue and Ceramica Bardelli Brands

- Administrative Headquarters

Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 100, 13882 Vergnasco BI

Produzione di piastrelle in gres smaltato in pasta bianca.

Oderzo, Treviso 

- Production Plant: Appiani
Produzione di mosaico ceramico in mono-presso-cottura.

Sassuolo, Modena

- Sales Offices and Show-Room

Via Berna 30c, 41049 Sassuolo (MO)

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