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Operational and concrete sustainability

Ceramica Bardelli, Ceramica Vogue and Appiani, are committed to safeguarding the environment, protecting employees and the community. 


The value of sustainability is at the center of every company process of the Group, along with the awareness that economic success, sustainable and profitable growth are inevitably linked to a commitment to social and ecological standards.


More concretely: in the production plants, in addition to minimizing energy consumption through responsible and efficient behavior, all ceramic waste is used in the production process and up to one hundred percent of production wastewater is recycled, contributing daily to safeguarding the environment in which the plants operate.


All of the Group’s brand packaging is made from natural recyclable materials thus encouraging the entire supply chain that uses Bardelli products to adopt sustainable waste disposal. This concrete action towards the preservation of the environment, is also certified by membership of the ‘Green Building Council Italia’. 


But sustainability is only one aspect of the Bardelli Group’s social commitment in a broader sense: as a leading Italian ceramic industry, the Group's social responsibilities are at the forefront of its corporate policies. For over twenty years, Bardelli has forged important partnerships in the name of solidarity and social responsibility.    

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