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as established in the 1960s as an enamelling 
plant, and stood out right from the start for its quality products. In the early '80s, the company embarked on a path of formal and aesthetic research applied to designer ceramics, and soon it became an interpreter of trends in the broader furniture and design industry.
Ceramica Bardelli product are targeted at architects, who identify the brand with research applied to ceramics: both in cultural terms, due to its collaboration with famous designers, and technical terms, due 
to the quality of its hand-made and industrial products.

Foundation: 1962
Headquartes: Vittuone, Milan
Product: Gres - Porcelain Stoneware - Hand Made Tiles

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Over 50 years of history make Ceramica Bardelli one of the most authoritative brands on the Italian and international ceramic scene. An exceptional interpreter of all-Italian craftsmanship, the Ceramica Bardelli collections are characterized by deep colours and beautiful handmade decorations, revealing the brand's outstanding technical and aesthetic know how.


All-Italian production is synonymous with high quality and rigorous controls at every step; but it is also synonymous with a veritable lifestyle, in which creativity, production excellence and craftsmanship applied to industry, produce infinite expressive possibilities.


Design understood as research applied to ceramics; a choice of modernity; a 2D dimension that creates 
highly characteristic domestic and non-domestic settings marked by a rigorous conception of space. The Ceramica Bardelli collections have been developed - with respect for tradition and a capacity for innovation - by many designers and artists, such as
Giò Ponti, Piero Fornasetti, Marcel Wanders, Ronald Van Der Hilst, Ruben Toledo, Marco Ferreri, 


In its tiles, Ceramica Bardelli blends the best materials and Italian ceramic craftsmanship with artistic research and design. 
Bardelli offers Italian-made designer products of exceptionally high quality, combining modern industrial processes with refined and painstaking traditional decoration techniques. 

The Atelier collections, and many more besides, include a manual element in the production process. Numerous manual techniques are adopted to comply with the design required: from freehand drawings to stencils, and from pouncing to mixed techniques whenever painstaking attention to detail is required. Sometimes, over a dozen stages are necessary in order to decorate a single tile.

Only this combination of techniques and incredible know how allows artists' creations to be transferred faithfully onto tiles, making the Bardelli collections veritable examples of designer ceramics.



Ceramica Bardelli


Intervista a DainelliStudio.

Ceramica Bardelli


Intervista a Meneghello&Paolelli Studio.

Ceramica Bardelli



Ceramica Bardelli



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