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Since CERAMICA VOGUE first started out in 1978, the company has put its expertise to the service of designers and interior decorators, establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of ecological white glazed stoneware tiles.

Outstanding technical performance and attention dedicated to aesthetics characterise Ceramica Vogue-branded products, giving rise to a wide range of environmentally-friendly tile collections designed to furnish interiors and exteriors with innovative solutions, suitable for private spaces but also ideal for public places such as schools, hospitals and swimming pools, and commercial solutions.

Foundation: 1978
Plant: Cerrione, Biella

Technical and Functional Performances

Ceramica Vogue da sempre è sinonimo di colore, ne studia le tendenze e propone soluzioni sempre in linea con le esigenze dei suoi clienti.  Un vasto catalogo di piastrelle in grès smaltato in tinte unite declinate in molteplici formati e finiture, tutte corredate da pezzi speciali che rispondono a qualsiasi esigenza progettuale del professionista di settore per applicazioni residenziali, extra residenziali e legate al mondo wellness & pool.


Products of excellence, together with the guarantee of advanced techniques and materials, have allowed Ceramica Vogue to establish itself successfully on the European and international markets, becoming a point of reference for architects, designers and construction companies. All-Italian production meets the most stringent regulations in terms of environmental sustainability.

Reliability and Services

Specialisation, reliability, competence: these are just some of the many benefits offered by Ceramica Vogue. From sales through to customer service, and from consulting through to design and logistics, Ceramica Vogue is always at the side of the most qualified partners and the most discerning users.

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