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SDGs & Italian Ceramic Industry

The Altaeco spa industrial group, with its production sites of Ceramica Bardelli, Ceramica Vogue and Appiani brands, are promoting the initiative in support of the Sustainable Development moved by The United Nations and 193 Governments that have signed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with 17 dedicated Objectives (Sustainable Development Goals - #SDGs), divided into 169 targets, to be achieved by 2030.

Projects - Recent and ongoing actions on SDGs

  • Goal 3 - Ensure the #salute and #wellness for everyone and for all ages

  • Goal 4 - Provide a quality, equitable and inclusive education and learning opportunities for all

  • Goal 6 - To guarantee everyone the availability and sustainable management of #water and sanitary facilities

  • Goal 7 - Ensure access to affordable, energy-efficient, sustainable and modern energy systems for all

  • Goal 8 - Encouraging economic, lasting, inclusive and sustainable growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

  • Goal 9 - Building a resilient infrastructure and promoting innovation and equitable, responsible and sustainable industrialization

  • Goal 11 - Make the cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, durable and sustainable

  • Goal 12 - Guaranteeing sustainable production and #consumption models

  • Goal 13 - Take urgent measures to combat the climate change and its consequences

2030 Agenda and the Ceramic Industry. 55 cross-cutting projects

The Italian ceramic industry can also inspire and support sustainable development actions addressing the 17 Goals and 169 targets at both a sectoral and individual company level.

In early 2019, Confindustria Ceramica commissioned Focus Lab to conduct the first sector Review with the aim of highlighting the main actions that have been adopted and are already consistent with various SDGs.

The first quantitative type Review identified a total of 55 significant and voluntary projects, initiatives and practices (i.e. those that go beyond legal obligations) developed by the sector in recent years with a cross-cutting approach.

The 55 selected projects contribute to achieving 9 of the 17 SDGs.

Most significantly, these include commitments for implementing Goal 12 (Responsible consumption and production) with 22 practices or projects, Goal 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) with 7 projects, and Goal 8 (Decent work and economic growth) with 6 initiatives.

One of the first of its kind in Italy, this sector Review provides a qualitative assessment of the Italian Ceramic Industry with two underlying goals.

The first is to determine the main sustainable development actions completed and in progress within the sector with respect to a range of issues (Green Management, Health and Safety, green product certifications, education and cultural events) and towards various key stakeholder groups including customers, architects, influencers, employees, suppliers, the public administration, regulatory authorities, research institutions and sales promotion agencies.

The second goal is to draw inspiration from the SDGs and identify new areas of development and actions for continuous improvement and integrated sustainability, targets for individual companies and the sector as a whole, evaluation metrics and a vision and profile of companies that create local and global value.

Scarica la review di sintesi(ITA): QUI

Campaign promoted by & Confidustria Ceramica

Credits by Walter Sancassiani and Loris Manicardi - Focul Lab

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